Southern-Style Keto Faux-Cornbread Dressing ver-2.0

Hello there. Last year I posted my [first attempt at the southern holiday dressing]( that we eat in my neck of the woods on Thanksgiving, Christmas, sometimes Easter, etc. Quick note: stuffing, at least in my area, refers to a cubed, lumpy bread based dish while the dressing I refer to is smooth and somewhat like a casserole.

It just doesn’t feel like the holidays to me without a heap of it on my plate and tons for leftovers. I’ve improved on the first attempt to make it look and taste more like the real thing. It’s not perfect, but it’ll definitely hit that dressing craving and even my non-keto relatives who’ve tried it have given their seal of approval and gone for seconds.

This used a keto savory bread recipe that uses almond and coconut flour (from isavea2z) as inspiration, and I’ve been tweaking it every time I’ve made it in the past year trying to hone in on the right ratio of flour and other ingredients.

[And it’s quite delicious. (Picture includes the optional mushrooms if you wondered about the darker specks.)](

**Southern-Style Keto Faux-Cornbread Dressing**

*Total batch made 2380g of dressing, divided into 24 servings of 99g each (a lightly packed serving measured 1/2 cups worth of dressing so total this made 12 cups of dressing).

Nutrition facts will vary according to your brands of flour and whether you use the optional add-ins such as the mushrooms which aren’t included in the nutrition numbers here. You could also cut back on the onions or celery if you so desired.

This makes 99g (1/2 cup) servings at:
234 calories,
4.4g net carbs (7.7g total, 3.3g fiber),
19.2g fat,
8.8g protein

**Ingredients for Bread:**

* 400g blanched almond flour (around 3.5 cups)

* 100g coconut flour (around 3/4 cup plus 2 tbsp)

* 5 tsp baking powder

* 2 tsp salt

* 1 tbsp poultry seasoning (I prefer McCormick brand)

* 175g onion, finely diced (maybe half an onion, I didn’t measure in cups)

* 8 tbsp butter

* 8 oz cream cheese

* 6 eggs

* chicken or turkey broth to moisten (around one to one and a half cups, add it gradually as you mix and don’t overmoisten)

Preheat oven to 350F. Cream together butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add the eggs and poultry seasoning and mix again until smooth. In a separate bowl, mix the almond flour, coconut flour, salt, and baking powder until well-combined. Now add the dry ingredients bit by bit into the cream cheese/egg mixture. Take it slow and when it gets too thick to stir, add in just enough chicken broth to moisten it. Keep adding in the flours and moistening with broth until you have a stiff, thick batter. You may not need all the mentioned broth. Don’t over moisten or your bake time will be longer. Fold in or mix in the diced onion until it’s evenly distributed (I find adding the onion at this step infuses the bread with oniony goodness). Pour into a greased pan, smooth out the top, and bake until golden brown and the toothpick test is passed.

(Timing will vary on your pan size and height. If you use several smaller pans instead of one larger one, your final product will have a darker overall color due to a higher crust ratio. Check every so often to ensure it doesn’t burn. When the center firms up, the top is browned, and the center no longer “jiggles” when you move it around it should be done. I also check the internal temp to ensure it’s over 200F because I’m weird that way. In the large pan I used it took over an hour to get the center set, so this isn’t a quick step. Plan ahead. I usually prep the bread crumbs the night before the holiday.)

Now that you have your bread, turn it into crumbs in a food processor or break it up while it’s still warm with an electric mixer and beater attachments. At this stage, I often taste test the bread. It should give you some idea of whether the final product will need more salt or seasoning. Once you have crumbs, you’re ready to make the actual dressing.

**Dressing Ingredients:**

* Keto breadcrumbs from full recipe above

* enough chicken broth to moisten (around 2 to 4 cups, it’ll vary widely according to how absorbent your crumbs are)

* 5 tbsp heavy cream

* 6 boiled large eggs, diced

* 350g celery, chopped (8 stalks at 40g each)

* 1 tsp poultry seasoning, plus more if you taste test and find it lacking

* salt to taste

* Optional, 13 oz baby bella mushrooms sauteed in butter, diced

* Optional, shredded cooked chicken or turkey

Put broth to boil on the stove. Add the celery and let it cook (covered to reduce evaporation) while you tend to the next step.

While you’re waiting for the celery to cook, put the crumbs in a large bowl, mix in the chopped boiled egg until well combined (and add the optional shredded chicken and diced mushroom if using). You can taste a few crumbs to check if additional salt or poultry seasoning is desired and add them if they are.

Check that the celery is tender then add the heavy cream to the broth and stir. Now slowly add your broth/cream/celery mixture into the bowl with the crumbs. Pause to mix periodically, you want everything moistened but not swimming in broth. If at any time it starts looking too moist, stop adding broth and scrape the rest of the celery in with a fork instead. Any extra broth can be used for soups or other uses later. If after you’ve added all of the broth and celery and your mixture still looks dry, add some plain room temperature broth until it’s smooth and well-moistened.

Pour into a large pan (I used an oval roaster pan, whether to grease or not depends on the pan type you use, erring on the side of greasing would be the safe route) and bake in the oven at 350F until the dressing solidifies and the top turns golden brown. The “jiggle” test mentioned above applies here too. For the batch pictured, I popped it into the oven when the turkey was around 120F internal temp. I pulled the turkey out later to rest and left the dressing in the oven. It was firmed up by the time the turkey was ready to carve. This is a large batch and takes a considerable amount of time for the final browning/firming step which should be factored into your plans.

And there you have it, my 2.0 posting of my attempts to make holiday dressing. If anyone tries it, let me know especially if you have any suggestions since I still tweak it every time I make it. This recipe freezes extremely well, and I make a big batch intentionally so I can preportion it into bags to pull out whenever I want a quick side with turkey or chicken.

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  • Posted: November 11, 2018 07:00


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