My famous chinese noodles!

My famous chinese noodles!

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  • Posted: November 8, 2018 14:00


    **Recipe**: Famous chinese noodles. (disclaimer: I'm no chinese food expert and the noodles aren't actually famous) **Ingredients**: * noodles * 1 egg * at least 2 veggies. here I used some steamed broccoli and carrots I had from the day before. other alternatives I use are fresh carrots and zucchini. you just grate them with a regular cheese grater and they cook in no time. canned peas also work. * mushrooms (I used canned ones here) * soy sauce * curry, paprika, chili powder **Directions**: 1. boil the noodles in non salted water (the soy sauce is already salty enough) 2. while the noodles boil add some olive oil in a pan and scramble the egg 3. when the egg is reaady add the vegetables of choice and mushrooms to the pan 4. when the noodles are ready drain them and add to the pan. add soy sauce and spices (I use curry, paprika and chili powder). if necessary add a tiny bit of water.