Any good hard cider substitutes?

I’m making [this]( recipe this weekend and it calls for hard cider. What’s a good replacement? I’m thinking apple cider vinegar + some sweetener might work, but I’m not sure how much ACV to use.

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  • Posted: November 3, 2018 03:00


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  • Posted: November 3, 2018 03:00


    I would not use ACV as a sub for cider. I would use a sugar free apple juice, perhaps diluted with water.
  • Posted: November 3, 2018 03:00


    ACV burns the throat when you drink it concentrated, so if you use it make sure you water it down considerably. I've also found the hard way that consuming too much causes severe upset stomach so watch out for that too!
  • Posted: November 3, 2018 03:00


    It’s the braising liquid. You can just use water or water + Stevia if you must have sweet. Or bone broth. Definitely don’t use vinegar or you’ll stink up your entire house.