Tom’s Curious Sauces: Mango & Amarillo Hot Sauce Review (Review in Comments)

Tom’s Curious Sauces: Mango & Amarillo Hot Sauce Review (Review in Comments)

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  • Posted: October 31, 2018 23:00


    Check out my other reviews [@hotsaucereviews]( []( Title: Mango & Amarillo Hot Sauce Company: Tom’s Curious Sauces Description: A mild, fruity sauce made with fresh mango and Peruvian Amarillo chilies with just a hint of heat. Ingredients: Amarillo Chilis, Habanero Chilis, Mango, Turmeric, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar Smell: The aroma has a very upfront pungent smell coming from the Amarillo Chilis. The first thing you smell is the Amarillo pepper as it brings out a slightly sweet, but more so floral and fragrant aroma. Following the Amarillo, you get hit with the Mango and Habanero pepper. The mango brings out a tropical fruity vibe that works in conjunction with the Amarillo while at the same time bringing a sweet citrus aroma that works with the Habanero. The habanero brings out a sweet citrus note. In the background of all of this you can pick up the Turmeric as it helps round out the sauce, as well as the tangy zippy notes of the vinegar. Pour: The sauce itself is thin, but not watery. You can see strands of pepper in the sauce which is nice. Taste: As soon as the sauce touches your mouth you get a pleasant flavor of the Amarillo chili which is the real star in this sauce. You get this nice tropical fruity, crisp, floral flavor coming from the Amarillo which works well with the Mango. The mango brings out a sweet, fruity, slightly citrus flavor that also works with the Habanero. All three of these ingredients work together to bring you a nice rounded flavor, unfortunately the sauce from here falls a little flat. The Turmeric does not mix well with the sauce no matter how much you shake the bottle, and getting the Turmeric mixed with the pepper stands in the mouth feel is rather unpleasant. The vinegar is fine and not overly destructive, but the Turmeric really does not work for me in this sauce. Overall, I would give this sauce a 4/10 on flavor. It is not the worst hot sauce out there, and for some people they might enjoy it, but it didn’t work for me. The mouthfeel, and the turmeric was uncomfortable. I do however recommend checking out his Garlic Habanero sauce, as it was a tasty vinegar based hot sauce. Heat: This sauce is mild even with the loads of Amarillo Chilis and a touch of Habanero, you will only get a little tingle but nothing overwhelming. I would give this a 2.5/10 on heat.