Recipe Guidance – Chili Competition

Hello, r/spicy! Fellow lover of all things hot here, regretful that this is my first post but here we go.

I jokingly entered my workplace chili cook off with “ASS DESTROYER 3000XXXL” but the joke is on me because now I’m in the lineup tomorrow. Not one to back down from a challenge, I’m basing my recipe for tomorrow on a “Habanero Hellfire” recipe I saw online (pasted below), but it really needs to be over the top, both in terms of heat and flavor.

I’m going shopping after work tonight for the ingredients, and I already know I’m wanting to take a couple of things one step further. I have some dried pequin chiles and some ghost pepper sauce, I also know I’m wanting to substitute the basic 12 oz of beer and 2 cups of water for some heavier beer with more flavor. I was thinking something stout or heavily hopped would complement the spice. Any other suggestions from the collective?

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  • Posted: October 31, 2018 05:00


    Last time I cooked chili, used a black rye ipa. Want to say it was from stones brewing co
  • Posted: October 31, 2018 05:00


    Anything dark with roasted malty flavors is good but I usually use negra modelo. If you wanna go next level cut up a tri tip (cut in center where muscle grain changes then cube up each half) and a brisket. Also I'd skip the beans, it leaves room for more beef and then you'll have Texas chili instead of bean meat stew.