Last night I tried what I think is my favorite new hot sauce…actually it’s a hot pepper coulis. So I guess kind of like a pepper mash?

Since I don’t Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, or any of those social media platforms I am posting here. I ordered these about a week and a half ago, the shipping company ended up delivering them to the wrong house, not sure where they even ended up. Sinai Gourmet promptly resent my order with a different company and it came within 2 days.

You can get each pepper with or without maple syrup. I personally loved both. I have never really written a review so bear with me.

[I tried all 4 yesterday]( with my chicken at dinner and all 4 are absolutely fantastic! It’s made in Canada (Montreal). It tastes fresh, not vinegary or watered down. You can really taste the peppers. The jalapeno one is mild with an amazing fresh herby flavor (cilantro?) and you can really taste the jaleps. I regret that summer is over because it would be a hit at BBQs. The habanero one is a bit more my level of spice and is also absolutely delicious. They’re both thick with a little bit of texture and I just love that they’re not vinegary.

I very strongly recommend trying these bad boys!

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