Low Carb Rasmalai : Super Easy & Delicious. 3 step process.

Low Carb Rasmalai : Super Easy & Delicious. 3 step process.


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  • Posted: October 30, 2018 04:40


    ***Keto Rasmalai: Super delicious dessert that easily melts in your mouth*** **-------------------Ingredients-------------------** **For Chena/Rasmalai Balls/Flattened Paneer balls/Crumbled Cheese** * Whole milk - 1 litre * Lime juice - 2 tbsp **For Syrup to cook Chena** * Water - 1 litre * Stevia - 1/4 cup **For Keto Rabdi for Rasmalai** * Almond milk - 750 ml * Saffron threads - 10-12 * Stevia - 1/4 cup * Cardamom powder - 2tsp **For Garnishing Keto Rasmalai** * Almonds - 5g * Pistachio - 5g **-------------------Method-------------------** **Making Keto Rasmalai Chena Balls** * Bring 1-litre whole milk to boil and keep stirring in between. * Add lime juice and Stir the milk. Immediately you can see that milk begins to curdle. Turn off the flame. * Drain the whey: Pour it into the cheesecloth-lined colander. * Now, gently rinse with cool water to get rid of the lemon flavor. * Make a knot to the cheesecloth and gently squeeze any excess water. Let it sit for 30 minutes. * Transfer the chena to a plate and knead well for about 10 minutes until it gets soft and smooth. * Now make equal small size balls and flatten them lightly to make discs. Set them aside. **Cooking Rasmalai Chena discs in syrup** * Take 1-litre water in a wide pan and add 1/4 cup Stevia. * Bring it to boil and add Chena balls prepared previously. * Cover & Cook for 15 minutes and you will find the balls will be double in size. * Now gently squeeze the discs to remove access syrup. Set these aside. **Making Keto Rabri for Rasmalai** * Bring 750ml Almond milk to boil in a heavy bottom pan on a medium flame. And keep stirring in between. * Now add Saffron, cardamom powder, stevia. Give it a good mix. * Boil for 15 minutes on low flame and keep stirring in between. You will see that milk gets thick and will also be reduced in quantity. * Now pour this delicious rabri over the rasmalai discs and garnish with almonds & pistachio chips. Serve it cold.