Hi Y’all, I’m lookin for a new portobello recipe

I really like grilled marinated portobellos and baked (really done baked) Portobellos. I am getting little tired of the same old thing. I marainte in either of these recipes right now but need something new different! Please!!

I grill with this one [Citrus and Herb Marinade for Vegetables]

And I Have used this one to bake them, of course I don’t add the cheese or bacon bits.. YUCK

[Baked Mushrooms with Spinach]

I really like these buggers but need some new ways to cook, bake or grill them. all suggestions and recipes will be welcome!! TIA

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  • Posted: October 30, 2018 07:00


    Whoops forgot to mention that I am little tired of the burger and pizza options too.