Susuru Tantanmen – 3 more spiciness levels to go

Susuru Tantanmen – 3 more spiciness levels to go

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  • Posted: October 11, 2018 14:00


    Great nutty Tantanmen, a Szechuan style type of Ramen with a broth that is flavored with lots of sesame, chili oil and topped with ground pork and szechuan pepper. Makes all of your senses tingle! This one was quite nutty from the sesame with lots of szechuan pepper to go around. This was only spiciness level 2 of 5, as I still wanted to go running later. Honestly, I think 3 would have been better and still manageable. Next time I will reach for the higher ones without follow-up plans! That's the place I went to: FB with tons of pics: That's their website: And if you want to see at fat man (me) eat ramen, [go here]( By the way, yes, that is a deep fried egg.