Idli Dosa Batter Recipe for Soft Idli & Crispy Dosa !!

Idli Dosa Batter Recipe for Soft Idli & Crispy Dosa !!

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  • Posted: October 7, 2018 19:20


    Video Recipe: []( Enable CC for english subtitles. Recipe: 1. Take 1 cup of urad dhal and 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds and soak in water for 4hrs. 2. Take 5 cups of Idli rice/ Parboiled rice and soak in water for 4hrs ( Measure with the same cup which you would be using for Urad dhal) 3. Switch on the Grinder and add the soaked rice, little by little and grind for 20min 4. Sprinkle some water at 5min interval during this process 5. Allow it to grind for 20min till you get the idli/dosa batter consistency (smooth batter) 6. Now stop the grinder and collect the rice batter in a bowl 7. Now add the soaked Urad dhal + Fenugreek mix to the grinder and grind it 8. Just lightly sprinkle some water at 5 to 10 mins interval and grind for 20min (Do not add more water) 9. Stop the grinder once the batter becomes smooth and collect Urad batter to the bowl containing rice batter 10. Add one cup of salt to the batter mix 11. Mix well evenly using a spoon or you can use your hands to mix well 12. Close the bowl and leave the batter to ferment for 8hrs and then you can use it for making idlis and dosas 13. After 8hrs the batter will be fermented properly and is ready for preparing tasty Idlis and Dosas 14. You can refrigerate and use the batter for 5 days. Recommendation/Tip: Use the batter for preparing Idlis & Dosas for first 3 days. As the batter gets more fermented over the days, it would be ideal for dosa.