El Gustoso Hot Sauce Original Review!!! (Review in Comments as well)

El Gustoso Hot Sauce Original Review!!! (Review in Comments as well)

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  • Posted: July 12, 2018 22:00


    Check out my Instagram [@hotsaucereviews](https://www.instagram.com/hotsaucereviews/) [https://www.elgustoso.com/](https://www.elgustoso.com/) Title: El Gustoso Hot Sauce Original Company: Gustoso LLC Description: El Gustoso Hot Sauce Original recipe masterfully blends three different kinds of peppers to perfection, and the addition of fresh herbs allows it to have a balance of heat and gusto to ensure you get that Latin kick in every bite. El Gustoso is not too hot, yet never bland. A splash of this will enhance any dish, if you are a heat connoisseur all you need to do is overfill your plate with this masterpiece… there is no such thing as too much. Ingredients: White Vinegar, Cilantro, Leek, White Onion, Scallion, Red Habanero with Seed, Salt, Yellow Hot Pepper, Hot Pepper Rocotto, Sugar, Acetic Acid, Yellow Habanero, Xanthan Gum. Smell: The aroma of this sauce is calm yet satisfying as nothing really jumps out at you, but the sauce does have a very herbaceous aroma. Right out of the get go you can pick up the Cilantro as well as the Scallion and White Onion, as they bring out a fresh herbaceous and savory note in the aroma while the middle ground shines on the Habanero peppers and other hot pepper used in the sauce. The Habaneros give off a sweetness while whatever other peppers used in the sauce bring a more typical pepper-forward aroma. The background of the sauce features the white vinegar which is decently present in the aroma as well as the leek to finish and round out the aroma. Pour: The sauce itself is thick and creamy but not chunky at all. The sauce pours out of the bottle rather easily, but I suggest taking the flow restrictor off the bottle if you plan on doing big pours. Taste: Wow, this sauce is very special. This sauce has a beautiful fresh sweet and herbaceous flavor profile that works incredibly well with the consistency of the sauce to give an amazing mouth feel. Instantly the first thing I can taste is the Cilantro and Leek which gives off a bright herb flavor which mixes well with the White Vinegar which is very much present in the flavor but not overbearing, but then you get transferred to the pepper department as you get the delicious sweet fruity flavors of the Red Habanero and Yellow Habanero which gets a bit extra sweetness from the added sugar that compliments itself really well, while the other hot peppers used in the sauce throw in extra hot pepper flavor that is rather savory, then throughout the flavor journey you get the consistent taste of white onion and Scallion that gives you a nice flavor bite. All in all, this sauce would be fantastic on Spanish cuisine including Empanadas as well as in soup or on grilled cheese sandwiches. I would give this sauce a 9/10 on flavor. Heat: Even though this sauce features three different types of peppers, the sauce itself can be enjoyed by everyone as this is a great mild-medium level sauce that gives you a nice consistent burn. I would give this a 3.5/10 on heat.