Caldo Hot Sauce: Smoked Bandit Review!!! (Review in comments as well)

Caldo Hot Sauce: Smoked Bandit Review!!! (Review in comments as well)

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  • Posted: June 14, 2018 18:30


    Check out my Instagram [@hotsaucereviews]( for more saucy content! :) []( Title: Smoked Bandit Company: Caldo Hot Sauce Description: A limited edition sauce packed with a rich, smoky flavor. Try this on your eggs for breakfast and your mac & cheese for dinner. This is both one of our simplest sauces and at the same time the most complex. Added to our NJ jalapenos and Poblano peppers are Hatch peppers directly from Hatch, NM. We smoke and roast the peppers on our good friend’s competition smoker and blend it all with tons of garlic. Ingredients: Smoked Poblano, Jalapeno, and Hatch Peppers, Distilled White Vinegar, Water, Garlic, Salt. Smell: One of my favorite things to do with green peppers is to smoke them. Smoking and roasting these green peppers really brings out the savory and robust flavors of the peppers. This sauces aroma really captures it fantastically well. You initially get the robust smoky flavor of the poblano and jalapeno peppers, which deliver a mildly sweet, but overall a very floral and robust aroma. Suddenly, you are shifted directly to the Hatch peppers which have a unique and one of a kind aroma, which is defiantly on the earthier side. Finally, you get hit with the garlic which helps add to the robust and savory aroma, with a slight hint of the tanginess of vinegar. Pour: This sauce is thin and full-bodied all at the same time, as its an easy pour out of the bottle but it has a nice β€œsplash” effect, as you can see the full-bodied chunks of the peppers mixed throughout. Taste: This sauce is incredibly simple, but the flavor is incredible. You instantly get this combination hit of the peppers and vinegar together. The vinegar is very much present in this sauce, as it works well to mix with the rich, roasty, and bright flavors of the three peppers. The poblano and Jalapeno peppers give off a slight bitterness with the roasted and smoked flavors while the hatch peppers give a more butter-like flavor profile. The tanginess of the vinegar adds to the flavor of the sauce, while as you swallow the sauce you get hit with a good chunk of garlic which continues to add to the robust and savory flavors of the sauce. All in all, this is a simple yet delicious sauce that would be a great breakfast hot sauce on eggs. If you enjoy the flavors of smoky peppers and garlic, this would be essential. I would give this sauce a solid 8/10 on flavor. Heat: This sauce uses three peppers that are more on the mild side, as you will get a nice tingle on the tongue. I would give this a 3/10 on heat.