Riced broccoli and kimchi with egg :)

Riced broccoli and kimchi with egg 🙂

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  • Posted: June 13, 2018 12:27


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  • Posted: June 13, 2018 12:27


    First time posting a recipe here, I hope I did okay. :’) More “inspired by” Korean cuisine than an attempt to copy it. This has become my favorite breakfast. I usually have it with 3 eggs, but only placed one (which promptly collapsed) in the photo so that the other components could be seen. Ingredients Half a bag (~140g) frozen riced broccoli 1-2tsp minced garlic 5g crumbled seaweed (toasted nori works well) 1tsp fish sauce 1-2TB cooking oil (I use liquid coconut oil, but cutting it with sesame oil is probably better) ½-1 cup prepared kimchi 1-3 eggs, fried as you like Instructions Microwave the frozen riced broccoli according to package instructions, then simply cook it in a frying pan with the oil, garlic, seaweed, and fish sauce. I use medium heat and don't let it brown or anything, and it doesn't need to reach a safe heat since it was already cooked. This part is really just to season it. Scoop it into a bowl side by side with the kimchi, then top with your friend egg(s)! With 3 fried eggs, it's about 25g protein, 6g net carbs, and 45g fat (not counting the fat used for the eggs), according to the nutrition tracker I put it in.