NSD, reviews in the comments

NSD, reviews in the comments

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  • Posted: April 13, 2018 06:46


    #Dirty dick's hot sauce This is candy in a bottle. This is the second time I've bought this and I ran out of the first because it's delicious. #Frankie V's Spooky White Picked this up because I heard good things about it! It reminds me of Secret Aardvark's habanero, which is amazing on it's own, and I'll likely be using this the same way, by putting it on just about everything. Maybe just a bit sharper and a bit tangier than Secret Aardvark. #Lucky Dog Black Label First time buying Lucky Dog black label too, complete with the complex flavor I've come to expect of Lucky Dog. I'd say I like this better than Year Of The Dog. Lucky dog rant, the profile is weird enough that you can't just put it on anything, like dirty dick's you just kinda reach for it because you wanna put it on something sweet, or secret aardvark's you use like ketchup. Lucky dog you have to think, will these flavors compliment eachother? Will I be able to make out the subtleties in lucky dog as well as the food? It's a weird feeling. Not unwelcome, just different. It's like there's foods I can eat where I feel like putting Lucky Dog on it is a waste. --- Anyhow, quick order from Heat Hot Sauce. Their Hot Sauce of the Month order this month was terrible though,some bottle that has got like 50% garlic in it. --- edit: also, none of these were as hot as I'd hoped! My regular sauces sit around the 7o8 range atm.