Keto Fried Zuchinnj

Keto Fried Zuchinnj

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  • Posted: April 8, 2018 21:06


    2 zuchinnis 1 cup almond flour eggs Salt pepper Italian seasonings Pecorino Romano cheese Olive oil Tomato sauce Combine salt, pepper, pecorino Romano, Italian seasoning and almond flour. Set aside. Whisk eggs into bowl, dip zuchinni into egg, then into flour. Set aside. (DONT DOUBLE FIST THE ZUCHINNI. USE ONE HAND FOR EGG DIPPING AND 1 FOR BREADING SO ONE IS ALWAYS DRY) Add enough olive oil to pot so that it covers the zuchinni. Fry. Sprinkle pecorino Romano on top. Dip in tomato sauce.