Sinai Gourmet: Habanero Maple Hot Sauce Review!! (Review in Comments as well)

Sinai Gourmet: Habanero Maple Hot Sauce Review!! (Review in Comments as well)

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  • Posted: March 14, 2018 22:06


    Check out my Instagram @hotsaucereviews for more Hot Sauce Reviews!!! Check out my Twitter @HotSauceNews for all things Hot Sauce!!! Find it here: Title: Habanero Maple Company: Sinai Gourmet Description: Sinai Gourmet’s Vinegar-Free Habanero Pepper Hot Sauces are what we mostly put on our food at Sinai Gourmet. Don’t get us wrong: We all love the jalapeño and some of us can handle the ghost. For most of us though, like Goldilock’s porridge, jalapeños are too cold and ghosts too hot, but habaneros are JUST RIGHT! Locally made with only the freshest ingredients, Sinai Gourmet products have no artificial ingredients or preservatives. That means you get a delicious mélange of fresh flavors with a good amount of heat. It also means our hot sauces are flexible enough so that the experienced hot sauce eater can use it raw, fried, baked, grilled, or mixed in with just about anything you make. Ingredients: Fresh Habanero Peppers, Real Maple Syrup, Fresh Herbs and Spices, Fresh Lime Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic. Smell: This sauce an incredible aroma, and I give salute to sauce companies that go outside of the box and not use vinegar, and I believe extra virgin olive oil is a great substitution for a sauce of this nature. The first thing I smell is the lime juice, as it has a really upbeat, sweet and tangy lime flavor, which is shortly followed by the herbs and spices giving an earthy, bright, and vegetal aroma, while the habaneros fruity sweetness mixes well with the maple syrup giving off a sweet and savory vibe in this sauce, while the garlic stands in the background giving extra depth. Pour: This is one of my favorite consistencies for hot sauces, as its very full-bodied and chunky, but comes out nicely out of the squeeze bottle container. Taste: This sauce has an incredibly fresh and rich flavor profile, as soon as the sauce touches your tongue you get a quick tease of the maple syrup, as you get this gentle sweetness, but then the full-bodied sauce gives you this rich mouth feel, as the herbs and spices mix with the fresh habanero peppers to give you a herbaceous and floral flavor with a hint of sweet and citrus, but then the maple syrup comes back delivering a bit more sweetness, while the garlic stands out giving additional flavor to this already beautifully crafted sauce. I will say that this sauce is rich and is unlike typical hot sauces as its very floral and herbaceous but is excellent is excelling at a gourmet craft hot sauce. I would give this a 9.5/10 on flavor. Heat: This sauce has a strong and powerful habanero kick, especially because they are using fresh habaneros, as you will get an instant burn that lingers for a while especially on the tongue. I would give this a 7.5/10 on heat.