Living keto in Mexico. My keto recipes from february 2018

Hi, I’ve doing keto since 2015 and everything is great in my life. I live in Mexico City and is really hard to find information about the keto diet in spanish, this year I moved from my parent’s house and started to cook all the recipes I read online, a lot of them where taken from this sub and I want to thank the creators for them.

I changed a lot of ingredients to make them more mexican and sometimes because somethings are hard to find or expensive.

Here is the recipe of a mexican dish, Chile relleno, I didn’t use flour to batter so the egg falls down really easy.

* 8 Poblano peppers
* 2 cloves garlic, chopped
* 1/4 cup Cilantro
* 150 gr Chopped tomato
* 100 gr Onion
* 300 gr ground pork
* 170 gr Longaniza
* 20 ml, Olive Oil
* 45 ml vegetable oil

We put the chiles on the stove burner and let the skin burn, once they are toasted on all sides we put them in a bag and leave them aside while we prepare the stuffing.

In a hot pan put the olive oil and add the ground meat, when it is half cooked add the sausage and let it brown for 5 minutes.

Add the onion, cilantro and tomato, let it cook until the tomato has released its juice and our meat has a little broth.

Fill our chiles.
In a bowl place the egg white with a little salt and beat until it is about to nougat (until you can turn the bowl and the egg does not fall)

Add the yolks and beat until everything is integrated.

In a pan or wok we place the vegetable oil and heat it, when we see that it begins to release smoke it is time to fry our chiles.

We take a chili and carefully put it in the egg, check that everything is well covered and place it in the oil (we place the tip of the chili pointing to us and we put it carefully to fry)

With a spoon, pour oil over the top of the chili and all the places that are not submerged. We turn it over and repeat.

Place the chili in a tray with absorbent towels and let drain the excess oil.
We can serve it alone or with a bit of tomato puree and cream.

For one pepper

* 355 calories
* 7gr of carbohydrates
* 2 gr of dietary fiber
* 4 gr of sugar
* 5 gr of net carbohydrates
* 26 gr of fats
* 23 gr of protein

Here is an album of some of the recipes I made

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