The best roasted chicken! seriously.

The best roasted chicken! seriously.

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  • Posted: March 7, 2018 08:00


    My husband is not Keto and is extremely picky. There are few things he enjoys that we can both eat, but roasted chicken is one of them. I’ve made it a billion ways and this is by far the best. Especially if you’re the one eating the legs. Never get soggy thigh fat again! Here’s how I do it: **Things you need:** * 1 10”-12” Cast Iron Skillet * 1 heavy something else that is oven safe to 500 degrees * 1 piece of tinfoil * 1 chicken * Avocado oil or other high temp cooking oil * Kitchen shears or a sharp knife * Oven * Salt and pepper * Other seasonings if desired. **Spatchcock!** With the neck side facing you, and the bird back side up, cut along either side of the neck removing the backbone. Flip the bird over and press down firmly on the breast. You’ll hear some bone cracking. Very satisfying. Make sure the bird lays flat. If it’s not you need to break some more bones. Heavily salt the skin. You can do all this first part well before making the chicken. Just put it in the fridge till you’re ready. Turn on the oven to 500 and put your cast iron skillet in to warm up with the oven. Give it half an hour. Pat the skin dry then add more salt and pepper. Flip the bird over and salt and pepper that side too. Put any other seasonings and spices on this side, not the skin side. They’ll scorch on the skin. Pour a teaspoon of avocado oil in your hot cast iron pan and coat the bottom on the pan. Put the bird in skin side down. Put the tinfoil on top, then your other heavy thing on top of that. Press down. Pop it in your 500 degree oven for 30-40 minutes depending on the size of your bird and your oven. A 4lb bird takes 35 minutes in my oven. You want your chicken to be about 160-165 when you pull it out. Let it rest a few then dig in to the most delicious roast chicken you’ve ever had.